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Technologie Laden Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Technology loading logo matte

From $137.00 USD $150.00
Tanzschule Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Dance school logo mat

From $137.00 USD $150.00
Auto-Galerie Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Auto gallery logo mat

From $137.00 USD $150.00
Zahnklinik Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Dental clinic logo mat

From $137.00 USD $150.00
Sporthalle Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Gym logo mat

From $137.00 USD $150.00
Mode Shop Logo-Matte - Inlux Shop

Fashion shop logo mat

From $137.00 USD $150.00

Our logo mats have dust control and dehumidification functions, offering both a functional and stylish solution in busy spaces!

The sole prevents slipping. It has a structure that can be easily cleaned with water, and this structure is ideal for hospitals, food factories, institutions, schools, college dormitories, offices, sports centers, hotels, restaurants and shopping mall entrances. It contains no carcinogenic substances and has antibacterial properties. Our logo mat models are specially produced for your company with the logo, pattern and text options you require. If you want your brand to be remembered, a logo doormat would be the way to go...

Best material and quality

It has antibacterial properties and polyamide material is used. We think about your health and create safe spaces for your business environment and your guests.

High technology and creativity

In our production line we manufacture durable logo mat models that stand the test of space and time.

Safe delivery

With our experienced teams and a wide fleet of vehicles, we ensure that your logo mats are delivered undamaged.

Easy handling

We bring you branded mats that you will use, that you can maintain hygiene with simple cleaning products, and that offer comfort and convenience.

after-sale service

We protect the quality not only during production but also after sale and support you with any questions and problems.

Easy to clean feature!

Don't need an easy-to-clean entrance mat?

How would you like to create effective solutions for your workplaces and environments that need to be hygienic with the Logo mop models, easy to clean with Inlux Shop water? A simple shake is enough to clean your mat, specially prepared for your needs and ready to print your logo and name!

You can choose the rescuer logo mats in any color and model option.

Health-friendly products!

How about healthy choices for areas where hygiene should be maintained at the highest level, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, food factories, college dormitories and beauty salons?

You can ensure the ready-to-use mats with logo contain no carcinogenic substances in production and can be designed for any decor, easily absorb moisture and dust from your guests' shoes and create a much more hygienic environment.

Try the mop models with the logo, the quality of which we value the most, and don't lose your health!

Non-slip floor mats!

Your non-slip logo receiver mat offers you both safe and easy use.

You will be amazed by the vivid colors of your mats using the Logo mat models that protect users and care about your hygiene as much as you do. Make quality talk with logo mats suitable for both your offices and high-traffic entrances and exits.

Contact us now to get the best quality mats with your logo at affordable prices, designed according to your taste and expectations!

frequently asked Questions

How can I order?

You can order through our website. You can order a special design of your mat with logo for your company and send us your wishes by phone or email. After your order you can send your logo to the email address info@inluxshop.com .

What are the prices for logo mats?

Our logo mat prices vary depending on the size of the mat, color and texture options, and the number of mats with the logo to be printed. You can contact us for detailed information about logo mat prices.

Which cities and countries does your service network cover?

As an Inlux Shop, we offer shipping and service to all countries in the world, especially to Switzerland.